Tank is the newest edition to our family, and by far the sassiest (and most active) member. He is almost 1 which means he has endless energy and I really mean endless. He has a really interesting personality and is more human like than dog. He doesn’t really cuddle but he doesn’t believe in personal space either. He enjoys his independence but also is always curious about what his humans are doing. He loves having his ears rubbed, his tummy scratched and his paws held.

His hobbies include playing with his orange tennis ball, playing with his orange tennis ball and playing with his orange tennis ball.

Occasionally (every 30 seconds) he will lose the tennis ball into the abyss, also known as under the couch, and will have to do something else. During the day he takes a dip in the pool, and I really only mean a dip. He goes to the top step and lowers his body into the water and then he is done. We are working on swimming but he is a very relaxed swimmer, to the point of sinking. In the evening he ABSOLUTELY LOVES to check for bunnies, funny enough there aren’t any in our backyard because he scared them off after a couple of days.

Anyways, this is our precious poodle who lets me chase him around with my camera.

Enjoy the super puppy pictures from way back when!



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