Let me do a quick introduction because this won’t be the last time you see her face on here. We met in 7th grade and from there our friendship has only blossomed. She lives for soul music and Mexican food (don’t we all). Along with that she brings immense joy and love into my life, of course with a little bit of sass. She has wild curly hair and a giggly laugh that is contagious. She soaks up more sun than Sheryl Crow and has some wicked dance moves. To top it all off, she has allowed me to practice my photography skills on her and for that I am forever grateful.

Since high school we have escaped society and we ran off to my Memaw’s beach house for classic girl weekends. Every time we are on Bolivar Peninsula we visit a resale shop, where we always strike gold.Β This trip she found the adorable dress featured in this shoot and I found a men’s Ralph Lauren safari-ish looking shirt.

This shoot was a little challenging for me because the lighting changed so quickly. Besides that the only other challenge we faced was putting the pizza down to get to the beach in time. Overall I would say it was good shoot and a phenomenal girls weekend.








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